• Chiros Technology
    SERVICES: Website planning, design and development
  • Taxes Pembroke Pines
    SERVICES: Website planning, design and development. Logo design
  • Expert Pest Control
    SERVICES: Website planning and design concept
  • Inglewood Health Services Center
    SERVICES: Website planning, design and development
  • Support My Mind
    SERVICES: Website planning, design and development
  • Anthony's Plumbing Service
    SERVICES: Website planning, design and development. Logo and print media design
  • ShirtFall
    SERVICES: Website planning, design and development. Logo and print media design. Shirt graphic design
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It's nice of you to visit. We hope you are well and we would like to introduce ourselves... We are G Sharp Marketing, a Marketing and designer firm from Los Angeles, California.

We love creating engaging and user focused websites using the latest web technologies available.


Welcome to GSharpMarketing

G Sharp Marketing is a full-service marketing and design agency that creates custom design and development solutions.

Our talented team will bring together your vision and ideas into reality with creativity, technology, and marketing. G Sharp Marketing has been involved in diverse types of design and development projects including content management, social networks, and ecommerce implementations.

Let's Work Together

Whether you are building a complete brand from scratch or improving an existing design, G Sharp Marketing is the interactive company you want on your side. Let our team help you get your ideas off the ground and built.

At G Sharp Marketing, we strive to make sure that your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. What can we do for you?

Services We Offer

Here is a list of services that we offer.  You can use the tabs above to see more about each item.

Web Design

Unique and eye-catching designs that inspire, engage and deliver.
Once I get to know you and your needs, I can find imaginative and inspiring solutions to bring your online brand to life.

Be the best
To be successful, your website must stand out from the crowd. You must be one step ahead by thoroughly researching your market and competitors.

Form and function
I create sites that are both eye-catching and functional. I can deisgn sites that will give you easy control over future modifications and additions with the industry-leading content management system.

When designing a website, I always look for that perfect balance between design and usability.  Ensuring sites can be viewed and enjoyed by the maximum amount of people is an essential part of any design process, never an afterthought.

Customised features
I have integrated countless features to websites and advanced content management systems. From client ID systems to user forums, my expertise will find solutions to improve the efficiency of your business.


Email newsletter designs with impact which optimise your return on investment.
Email marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing mix. It is an economical and highly accountable way to reach your target audience.

Optimised Email Newsletter Designs
You are probably familiar with the sentence 'right-click here to download images'. As default both the software and web based email clients strip out the images. This can have a negative effect on your call to actions and the clicks through to the website. We have vast experience in optimising the design for email marketing. The email marketing platform that we use allows us to view the email across all the different email clients i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. We use this tool to test and refine the design of the newsletter.

Email Newsletter Best Practice
All of our email newsletter designs adhere to best practice guidelines and include:

• Links to a web version and a text version
• Clean html
• Alt tags for all images
• The correct balance of images and html

Please contact me to find out more about our advanced email newsletter design services.


Highly advanced Content Management Systems (CMS) that are tailored to your exact needs.
You can easily update your website with a advanced content management systems.
You won't need any technical knowledge to be able to keep your site up to date.
The content management system allows complete control over the page structure of your site and provide a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for your page content.
It can be accessed at any time from any computer with internet access and no software is needed.


E-commerce solutions combining proven excellence with affordability.
The Internet is the ideal way to sell your products to a mass audience for a comparatively small investment.
With the right design and functionality, your products could be viewed and purchased by millions of people.

Easy control
With a simple-to-use, yet highly advanced e-commerce content management system I make it easy to run your e-commerce site.
You can:

  • Add / edit or delete an unlimited number of products and product categories
  • Manage all products, product details, prices and postage
  • Upload images or videos for each product with a built in and easy to use image editor
  • Create offers using promotion codes
  • View detailed sales reports
  • Add / edit or delete an unlimited number of web pages
  • Send out details of new products and sales using our e-newsletter manager
  • Add / edit or delete meta tags and meta descriptions for each individual product
  • Be able to offer cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Provide the opportunity to compare products
  • View a detailed user statistics package

Customised features
I have integrated features to enhance e-commerce sites. From custom-built extranets to integration with major payment providers, I will find solutions to improve the efficiency of your business.

Bringing your customers to you
Once your e-commerce website is up and running, I can help your customers find it. You can get the highest possible level of traffic with search engine optimisation servicess.

Social Media Marketing

Create a buzz online about your products or services.
There's a lot of buzz about social media.
Do you know your Facebook and Twitter from your Digg and Delicious?

It's important to know customers' opinions and manage how these are displayed in the online arena.
Social media is allowing users to share their views with more people than was ever possible before.
We can help you use this to your advantage by following comments and taking action.
Guiding you through the social media maze, we hentai porn can:

  • Help manage your online reputation
  • Enable your website content to be easily shared
  • Build your own forums and interactive tools

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and it's empowering consumers. Make sure you're part of the conversation.